Connecticut Residential Oil to Gas Conversions

Convert Your Home to a High Efficiency Natural Gas Heating System

Air, Inc. is an approved vendor by Connecticut Gas Companies for converting home heating from oil to natural gas.

Natural gas is an efficient, safe, and reliable fuel source. It costs less than oil, and is one of the cleanest fuel options available.


Converting from an oil furnace to a high efficacy natural gas heating system is cost effective. With the Utility Financing programs, State Rebates and Federal Tax Credits, it has never been more affordable to switch over to gas.

Oil to gas conversions are cost effective not only by reducing your spend on home heating, but also replacing an outdated furnace or boiler with a new gas furnace or boiler, which is up to 50% more efficient than the older systems. For consumers a new gas heating system that is Energy Star rated will also offer additional savings and rebates.

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Another major benefit is reliability. Oil heating systems need to be connected to an oil storage tank in order to function. With a gas heating system, you never have to worry about running out of fuel (no more fill-ups).

Gas heating systems are safer, less expensive to maintain and burn cleaner. At Air, Inc. we have lots of choices available from high efficiency gas furnaces, tank-less water heaters & high efficiency gas boiler systems, just to name a few.


The use of natural gas is substantially more cost effective than oil for home heating. As oil prices continue to rise, savings from the use of natural gas is well worth the switch. Natural gas also burns cleaner and more efficiently than oil.


Increasingly throughout Connecticut utility companies are adding gas lines. Air, Inc. will first check to see if natural gas piping is available in your area. After coming to your home for a free evaluation and estimate we will discuss the available options and types of natural gas heating system that will work right for your home.


Natural gas is not only home heating, but can also serve for all gas appliances, gas fireplaces, tank-less water heaters. Contact Air, Inc. today to see if a natural gas heating system will work well for you.

At Air, Inc. we offer a free in home estimates for oil to gas conversion for your home.