Connecticut Energy Efficient Heating Alternative

Hybrid Heating Systems

Hybrid Heating SystemA Hybrid Heating and cooling system combines a high efficiency Heat Pump with a high efficiency Natural Gas, Propane or Oil hot air furnace to provide an energy efficient residential home heating and cooling system.

A Hybrid Heat system provides efficient home heating and cooling, while the cost for installation is far less than a geothermal HVAC system and is equally cost effective.

With the flexibility of two energy sources, the Hybrid Heating and Cooling system will optimize your utility use by automatically switching to whichever heating or cooling source is needed for comfort.

Energy Efficient Hybrid Home Heating & Cooling Systems for CTEven with Connecticut's colder climates, the heat pump is one of the most cost efficient options to keep your home warm and comfortable. When it gets too cold outside (below 30 degrees), a high efficiency fossil fuel system becomes the most effective option. The hybrid heating system will automatically switch from the heat pump to your natural gas, propane or heating oil for that toasty, cozy heat of a furnace.

When winter ends and warm temperatures return, the heat pump will reverse its operation and it works as a central air conditioning system.

Our high efficiency furnaces include a variable-speed blower. A variable speed motor uses approximately 75 watts of power compared to a conventional blower motor that can use over 400 watts.

The Hybrid Heating system is set by Air, Inc. to select the best utility option based on Connecticut's climate conditions and energy costs to provide year long efficiency and maximum comfort.

Hybrid Heat is a green, smart choice for Connecticut homeowners.