CT Ductless Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Mini Split Systems

Connecticut Weather Fluctuates!

Energy efficient ductless air conditioning / heat pump mini split systems are a perfect solution for supplemental zoned home heating & cooling.

What Are Ductless HVAC Systems?

Ductless A/C / heat pumps mini split systems are one of the most highly-efficient heating and air conditioning - in one unit. The technology works to keep consistent indoor air temperatures controlled, in a single room, multiple rooms, or an entire home. Allowing independent temperatures in each area.

Driven by inverter variable speed compressors - which automatically allows these home heating & cooling systems to adjust to the changing CT temperatures (down to -13°F) outside & evenly distribute home heat or cooling as needed.

Ideal for homeowners using those loud, ugly, inefficient window air conditioners. Ductless splits (also known as mini-splits) are whisper QUIET, energy efficient & safe solution.

Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

How Ductless A/C Heat Pumps Work:

Ductless systems have 2 major components. A wall mounted unit and a unit placed outside the home.

Multiple inside units work independently and can be connected to one outside unit.

One unit can be installed in your living room, one in the kitchen, one in the master bedroom, and one on your sun porch.

A Remote-Control Thermostat controls each unit for the desired temperature in each room.

Affordable & Energy Efficient

ENERGY STAR® rated, ductless heat pumps / mini split systems can operate using 25% to 50% less energy than traditional heating or air conditioning systems alone. Delivering ideal indoor air temperatures, while being very energy efficient.

At Air, Inc. HVAC we are Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Contractors. We have installed thousands of energy efficient ductless systems throughout CT.

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