Air, Inc. HVAC Service - Heating & Cooling Maintenance for Connecticut Homes

Air, Inc. offers HVAC Service & Maintenance throughout Connecticut. At Air, Inc. we provide a variety of Safety and Efficiency Maintenance Agreements (S.E.A.) to ensure your home heating and cooling systems are kept running safe & efficiently. The safety & efficiency plans available help prevent unforeseen expensive repair costs.

Air, Inc. HVAC Safety & Efficiency Contract Agreements Offer:

  • Coverage on Heating and Cooling Equipment
  • Yearly Cleaning & Servicing of Home Furnace, Boiler & Air Conditioning Systems
  • Fully Licensed & trained HVAC Service Technicians
  • 24 Hr. Emergency HVAC Service 203-303-4822

According to all HVAC Equipment Manufacturers:

  • All Heating & Air Conditioning equipment needs to be maintained annually.
  • Annual Maintenance will minimize extensive repairs.
  • We provide Automatic scheduling for the Preventive Maintenance.
  • We provide Professional Cleaning and Inspection of your Heating and/or Air Conditioning system.
  • We provide Priority Service - 24 hours - 7 days a week.
  • We give Special Discount pricing for any repair of your Home Comfort System.
  • You never pay overtime rates.
  • We give a 5 Year Warranty on repairs, while enrolled in the S. E. A program.
  • You save on diagnostic service charges. Savings can be up to $190.00.
  • Your Home Comfort System more efficient.
  • Extended life expectancy of your Home Comfort System.
  • Knowing you will have someone to call when you have a problem with your Home Comfort System.

Preventive Maintenance Procedures:

  • Clean, level, calibrate thermostat.
  • Remove and inspect blower and fan assembly. (as required)
  • Inspect condenser coil and evaporator coil; when readily accessible.
  • Replace or wash standard air filters.
  • Lubricate all moving parts.
  • Inspect and adjust all drive belts and pulleys.
  • Test all safety controls / devices.
  • Test, secure, and tighten all electrical connections and terminals.
  • Test humidifier operation and set damper, switches, and valves.
  • Clean heat exchanger(s),burners and pilot assemblies.
  • Inspect heat exchanger(s), flue assembly, burners, and draft diverters.
  • Vacuum clean all combustion, flue, and blower compartments.
  • Adjust all main air dampers.
  • Activate heating or cooling system.
  • Test all motors, starting capacitors, run capacitors, and potential relays.
  • Test, measure, and record operating temperature and pressures.
  • Electronically test for poisonous deadly carbon monoxide gas.
  • Test for gas leaks at furnace.
  • Complete written analysis.

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